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10-20% of your traffic comes from link sharing — if you don't measure it, you can't optimize for it.

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What is link sharing traffic?

Visitors to your site often copy your URL, and share with friends or colleagues via email or messaging apps.


Why can’t we track it?

'Dark Social' channels like WhatsApp, Slack, iOS Safari and Gmail, don’t provide a referral source for analytics.


When is virality important?

Every business depends on word of mouth to grow — even a ‘low’ virality of 0.20 means 20% faster growth!

How it works

Install in minutes

Follow our step-by-step installation guide. It’ll take less than 10 minutes in your tag manager.

Track sharing activity

Discover how many people are sharing your website or bookmarking links. Measure what drives virality.

Optimize your virality

Grow your traffic and conversions by optimizing for viral growth — experiment with what increases your virality.

Who’s growing virally?

Who's it for?

1. Pre-Launch Founders

How do you know if you're on the right track before your product is finished? Test and learn what concepts generate shares and build a viral waitlist to launch to.

2. Content Marketers

How much time and money do you spend tracking your SEO rankings and traffic? Virality might be an even bigger organic channel, that you currently have no visibility on.

3. E-Commerce Owners

Do you know who your biggest fans are? Track which influencers are sharing your products the most and engage with them to incentivize more sharing.

The Technology


Each visitor gets their own ID

When they share their link and a friend or colleague visits with their ID appended to the URL, we know exactly who sent them!

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We're not looking to monetize Zirality right now, so we've released our code for free under the MIT Open Source license for anyone to use!

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